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November 13th 2019, Meeting Minutes

Immediate Past President: Jack E Applegate, Oregon (541) 484-9080

President: Mark Panilo, Alaska (907)267-4975

Vice-President: Russell Murphy, Montana (406)853-5084

Treasurer: Cody Gunn, Montana (406)698-3936

Secretary: Stephanie Jacobson, Oregon (503) 742-4473

Meeting called to order by President Mark Panillo at 10:03 a.m. Pacific Standard Time

Attending on the call:


Representing or Calling From:

Mark Panilo Region II President (AK)

Jack Applegate Region II Immediate Past President (OR)

Russell Murphy Region II Vice President (MT)

Cody Gunn Region II Treasurer (MT)

Stephanie Jacobson Region II Secretary (OR)

CJ Marincus Region II Director at Large (WA)

Andie Lorenz Region II Director at Large (OR)

Cache Olson Region II Director at Large WA

Sam Steele Region II Director at Large (ID)

Kraig Stevenson ICC Government Relations

Chris Ochoa ICC Government Relations

Jim Brown ICC Board of Directors

David Spencer ICC Board of Directors

Jim Sayers ICC Board of Directors

Mike Boso ICC Board of Directors

Bryan Smith WA

George Daily WA

Michelle Linebarger OR

Trace Justice WA

Call to order:

Presidents opening comments: Mark: Mark is looking forward to working with the new board. Mark has a couple of things coming up, Alaska Central Chapter Business meeting December 17th, which Jack Applegate will be attending to swear in Mark as the new president and give a Region II update.

David Spencer brought up that he is still likely to be the Board Laison for Alaska. Jack Applegate suggested David to remind members how to request to have a board member attend your chapter meeting. He explained how to request and gave suggestions for how to get specific board members if requesting one.

Mark reminded everyone they are coming up on the 1 year anniversary from the earthquake and he is working on his report and lookback on what has happened over the past year, but should have that done by the local chapter annual business meeting.

Congrats to new board members:

Mark Panilo – President

Russell Murphy – Vice President

Cody Gunn – Treasurer

Stephanie Jacobson – Secretary


CJ Marincus

Sam Steele

Andie Lorenz

Cache Olson

Previous and continuing business:

1. Approval of Minutes – Motion to approve Jack Applegate, David Spencer – Second

2. Approval of Treasurers Report – Cody Gunn Working on accounts to try to have a more clear vision of funds coming in/out, accounts may be changing, $20,903.38, $2000.00 of which is in safety 2.R since once person didn’t end up going, Jan-Oct net income was $8,474.55. Jack Applegate – Has had discussions with Cody in regards to switching to a more national bank for various reasons. Suggested we should give him the authority to do this research. Mark Panilo – agreed, the reasoning for an Idaho bank worked in the beginning, but having a more national bank would be more ideal for everyone today. Will discuss more in executive session, and get info out to Region II when ready to discuss. David Spencer – with his experience in Region II, he agrees on a national bank now. Smaller Idaho bank made sense at the time because it didn’t charge fees, but now that’s not really something we need to be as concerned about. Motion to approve Jack Applegate, Jim Sayers – Second.

3. ABM Update – Jack Applegate Outstanding ABM, location, meeting itself, ICC team did a phenomenal job overall. Region II meeting had highest attendance ever with great representation from all 6 states including new permit tech chapters. Visitors from other areas and regions. Very encouraging to see such involvement. Awards to Stephanie Jacobson for work as a director last year, award to Veteran Service Provider Tim who passed away from Central Oregon. Jack will be vising their chapter meeting tomorrow to represent his award to his family at their meeting. Honored our newest Honorary Lifetime Member Dennis Hirsch. Cuppy shirt giveaway at meeting. Thank you to Cody, Russell, and Michelle, for giving away remainder at the Welcome to Vegas event. They gave away almost 240 shirts during event, with donations. More advertising for the Military Family Program. Seeing shirts posting in different locations. Second annual event for our Region II gathering. Ended up taking up about 3 times the amount of chairs than originally planned, paid $0 for space. About 70 people attended. Brought our Region II spotlight award for pictures with Region II members. Had outstanding ABM, attendance, and thankful to the board for all the work with the welcome event and meeting.

4. ICC Board Member Comments:

1. Mike Boso – Great turnout at Region II meeting, glad to see how far Cuppy Shirts have come. Online Government Consensus vote scheduled to open on November 18th – December 5th.

2. Jim Brown – Wyoming ABM today. Budget time for ICC board, board will be presented with budget narrative and will discuss at December meeting. Congrats to Mike Boso on re-election. New board member Mike Savage out of New Mexico and Maryland. Suggested Region II reach out to Mike.

3. Jim Sayers – ABM very well attended, ICC is in really good situation financially with new acquisitions. Winter board meeting coming up, first board meeting to ever be held outside of the country in Bridgetown, Barbados. Opening first ICC office abroad in Dubai.

4. David Spencer – New assignments to come at winter board meeting for coming year. Many will remain as existing liaisons, but some may be moving around. Sent Stephanie and Jack a link for conference photos, ICC flickr account to post. ICC recently released the economic impact of the International Plumbing Code. It was a study done by an engineering firm that provides a comparative analysis of the model plumbing codes. The study found that over 12 years in places that use the IPC, they had a savings of $38 billion in construction costs, and 166,000 jobs. Not advocating for one plumbing code over another plumbing code, just think it’s something that people might find interesting. You can find ICC has some links and websites on it, if you go to Youtube and type in ICC media, you can go there and find all kinds of things on this and multitude of other things. Newer generation might find interesting ICC launched a new myICC mobile app. If you get logged in it should ask you if you would like to try out the new system, it’s a little different, but trying to get used to the new way of doing things. Mark Panilo – has been using the new update and really likes it. Things that used to be much more hidden are easier to find.

5. State/Regional/Local Chapter Comments:

1. Jack Applegate – Eastern Washington chapter, newest chapter forming. Have completed all non-profit tax paperwork, also have application into ICC, which should be reviewed by ICC at winter board meeting. Have been previously an IAPMO chapter, turned into something bigger and better from our visits within Region II. Last night they voted to terminate their IAPMO chapter status, and become an ICC chapter, in addition they also approved to transfer all of that revenue from the previous chapter over to the new chapter. 65-70 individuals involved with that chapter, which will help with education in the region, and create other chapters in the area which will build upon Region II and what we’re doing. Congrats to them on working hard and forming that chapter.

2. Cache Olson – IDABO will be having legislative luncheon with law makers to help explain the new 2018 adoption of codes. Noon at Hopp Building in downtown Boise if anyone would like to attend. Training Monday the 27th – 30th in Nampa, ID. Jim Sayers asked for clarification on month of training. Cache clarified the training is in January. Jim will attend.

3. Trace Justice – WABO winter committee meeting January 30th, working on getting education program put together for March training.

4. Sam Steele – Western Washington chapter having a meeting Thursday the 21st at Bryants BBQ, will have Hoyt Jeeter from City of Tacoma will be talking about wind factor loads. Please RSVP through himself, or Robert Horton their secretary. Just had training this morning with Simpson Strong-Tie, gave some updates on mechanical and post installed, and epoxy anchor bolts, wood fasteners. There’s a lot of problems with framers in the area using aftermarket that’s spec’d out as Simpson, but not actually comparable unless you do some analysis. More info get in contact with Sam.

5. Jim Sayers – Region I update. Election results: Mike Peyton from Modesto Ca is new president. 1st vice president is Leolynne Escolona from Hawaii, Sam Palmer from Clark Co. is 2nd vice president, Secretary is Steve Degeovani from Clark County, Nevada, and Treasurer is Mark Leech from Santa Paula, Ca, Past President Kevin Mccoster Director of Building Safety in Las Vegas. Jim wants to say that Region I is paying attention to what is happing in Region II and you can expect big things from Region I in the future. Kudos to Region II for reaching out to Region I. Kudos to Region I for paying attention, learning how to grow, and be a region that can be counted on by their members. Jack Applegate – shout out to Sam Palmer to helping us get that table at the Welcome to Las Vegas event.

6. CJ Marincus – Southern Oregon Chapter has a couple of classes coming up, Dec 9-10th have a 2 day commercial plan review class being taught by Steve Thomas, and Jan 9th IEBC class. If anybody would like attend, check out website at

6. ICC Staff Comments:

1. Chris Ochoa – Thank you to Jim Sayers for whirlwind 48 hours in Northern California last week, liaison for Region I, he hit 4 ICC chapters and 2 state agencies, over 6 cities in 48 hours. Chapters were very appreciative in having Jim there. Thanks Michelle and Oregon Permit Techs, attended OPTA conference, Jim was there also, Michelle has volunteered to help NorCal Permit Techs get their chapter going. And thank you to CJ Marincus for helping carry his team to golf Ron Burton Golf Championship. Oregonians on the phone looking forward to seeing you this Friday at the OBOA meeting.

2. Kraig Stevenson – ICC government relations using new moniker. “We’re a family of solutions.” We have had some acquisitions that have helped rough out what we are as an organization with solutions for you and local, state, government agencies that have a robust enforcement program. We want you to know what we have to offer. Community development block grants, tie you in with some of that FEMA money. Maybe ICC should be looking into how to enhance ability for locals to work together and to have block grants that are written in kind, to share the workload, to make them easier to administer, don’t know if we have an answer but have to know the question first. Thanks to Chris Ochoa for putting that out there in an email. There are community development block grants that can impact your training programs. Region II has been a participant with Safety2.R, bringing new people in. Military Family Program is about solutions in finding other ways to bring people in. You the members have been asking for, and what the board members and the leadership through the CEO have said they’re going to do to broaden their perspective. Would like to get a better understanding, how much to people use the premium access, and how well do they really know about all the bells and whistles, we would like to bring more awareness of what those capabilities are. The IPC report that David Spencer brought up, is a really great report, just Google International Plumbing Code Economics and you ‘ll get to advocacyipctool, you can tap on your state and see the economic impact is for your state of your county. If Ada County would have been on the IPC, they would not have used an additional 5 million linear ft of pipe, would have had an additional 901 jobs realized, omitted 6,000 tons less of CO2, been able to save $207 million dollars. This is the kind of info in this report. Region I has been examining the IPC as an alternative for some time, but recently their statutes have changed where they have adopted all parts of the IRC. Challenge to Region II, to start thinking of ways to get the entire IRC adopted. Hawaii has all parts of the IRC adopted it will become effective for state projects within a year, and mandatorily at the local level within about 22 months. ICC will be doing some training there.

Open Discussion:

Adjournment: Motion to close Jim Sayers, second, meeting adjourned at 11:01 PST.

MEETING AGENDA FOR: December 11, 2019 Teleconference

The teleconference number is: 1-844-740-1264. Conference ID# 93613298. The call will commence at 11:00 am Mountain Time, 10:00 am Pacific Time, 9:00 am Alaska Time.

Please mute your telephone until you intend to speak. Also, please request to comment through the President and identify yourself before speaking.

Call to Order:


Presidents Opening Comments: Mark

Previous and Continuing Business:

1. Approval of Minutes

2. Treasurers Report- Cody

3. ICC Board Members Comments

4. State and Regional Chapter Comments

5. Partner Comments- ICC Staff

6. Committee Reports

A. Call For Committee official request after new year

New Business:

1. Request for Region II to present at IDABO training – Cache Olson

Open Discussion:


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