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State and Regional Chapter Training Opportunities



NETAP Training: ATC-20, Post earthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings

Tuesday, August 08, 20231:00 PM - 5:00 PM PDT

Category: Other Organization Meeting / Training

This free, web-based training provides instruction on rapid and detailed evaluation procedures for evaluating earthquake-damaged buildings and posting them as INSPECTED (apparently safe, green placard), LIMITED ENTRY (yellow placard), or UNSAFE (red placard). The web-based training provides examples that allow attendees to evaluate building damage conditions, assess the overall risk from the damage, and recommend which of the three placards should be posted on the building. These evaluations and placards can be used in planning and executing evacuation, re-entry, and rebuilding strategies.

For more information and to register please click here.

Fire Inspector I Boot Camp (Virtual)

Monday, September 11, 20238:30 AMto Thursday, September 14, 20234:30 PM PDT


This four day class will cover in-depth details of all aspects of a fire code inspection. Students will learn to identify common code violations found in the International Fire Code and International Building Code.

Day two and three will focus on more advanced fire code inspection topics. It is designed to assist in the identification of fire protection systems, as well as what maintenance is required on such systems.

Students will be able to identify when systems are required or when they have been altered and require repair. Day four will be all about navigating the codes and getting familiar with the layout of the IFC and IBC.

Participants will be going through question and answer segments to help with test preparation for the Fire Inspector 1 certification through the International Code Council.


For more information and to register please click here.

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