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Officers Contact Information:

Immediate Past President: Andie Lorenz, Washington.

President: Cache Olsen, Idaho

Vice-President: Ted Zuk, Oregon

Treasurer: Bret Caulder, Idaho

Secretary: Breck Cook, Oregon

Directors at Large:

Director 1: Tim Blevins, Washington

Director 2: Chad Wiltrout, Oregon

Director 3: Joe Fisher, Oregon

Director 4: Bart Meinhardt, Alaska

Past Presidents by year (October to October):

Andie Lorenz 2021-2023

Russell Murphy 2020-2021

Jack Applegate 2018-2020

David Spencer 2018 (Partial term)

Jim Sayers 2017 

Charlie Allen 2016

Bruce Wilson 2015

Tom Radford 2014

Mark Barnhill 2013

Paul Ilg 2012

John Darnall 2011 *Chair while Region II was forming*

President: Paul Ilg

Vice President: Mark Barnhill

Secretary: Jim Brown

Treasurer: Tom Radford

ICC Region II, Founding Board of Directors 2012

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