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Insights and Highlights: ICC Region 2 Business Meeting MINUTES on November 8th 2023


ICC Region 2 Business Meeting MINUTES                                                   November 8th 2023 10:00-11:00 PST

1.      President Olson called  meeting to order at 10:00 PST. Roll call: President-Cache Olson, Vice President-Ted Zuk, Treasurer-Bret Caulder, Secretary - Breck Cook  Past President- Andie Lorenze Past past President Russell Murphy; Directors-Tim Blevins; Chad Wiltrout; Joe Fisher; Bart Meinhardt. Total of 20 participants

2.       Introduction of Region 2 Board, announcements. President Olson provided general updates.

3.      Acceptance of previous meeting minutes, August  9th, 2. 023 Motion required.  M-Cache Olson, S-Jack Applegate, Motion approved.

4.      Treasurer’s report, Bret Caulder presented update. Motion required.  M-David Spencer, S-Bart Meinhardt, Motion approved.

5.      BOD Liaison and ICC Update, and comments – ICC Board members Applegate, Spencer and Boso provided various updates from ICC including ICC testing-Digital Codes, battery storage and the upcoming ABM.

6.      ICC Government Relations Liaison – Kraig Stevenson provided various updates for the group.

7.      Committee Reports. Bylaws-no report, Budget-previously reported, Code Dev-no report, Awards/Nominations-no report, Military Family-no report, Membership-no report, Education-no report.

8.      Old Business-none

9.      New Business-

10.  Regional Updates – Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Alaska.

11.   Comment for the good of the order. None.

12.   Next meeting December 13th, 2023 at 10:00 AM PST.

13.   Adjournment.  (11:03) Motion required. M-David Spencer, S-Cache Olson, Motion approved.


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