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December Meeting Minutes

ICC Region 2 Monthly Meeting Minutes December 8, 2021

1. President call meeting to order, introduction of guests, roll call. Meeting called to order at 10:05 PST. Welcomed new ICC BOD liaison, Angie Wiese to our Region 2 Chapter.

2. Introduction of Region 2 Board, announcements. Andie Lorenz- President, present; Cache Olson- Vice President, present; Ted Zuk- Treasurer, present; Sam Steele- Secretary, present; Russell Murphy- Past President, absent; Jason E. Bush- Director, present; Breck Cook- Director, absent.

3. Acceptance of previous meeting minutes, November 10, 2021, Motion required. M-Jack Applegate, S-Cache Olson, passed.

4. Treasurer’s report, Ted Zuk. Motion required. No report, next month.

5. BOD Liaison and ICC Update, and comments – Angie Wiese, other BOD Members. Angie has been a board member since 2018. Currently a Fire Protection Engineer at St Paul, Minnesota, and a member of Region 3. Announcements from ICC BOD are the BRIC grants have a deadline of 1/28/2022. Group B code proposals have a deadline of 1/10/2022. Upcoming BOD meeting will discuss code adoption process.

6. ICC Government Relations Liaison – Kraig Stevenson. BRIC grant deadline is coming, WUIC is being looked at by Oregon for adoption, e-processing and infrastructure bill is being proposed for $225 million. Jack Applegate stated that Oregon has established a rules committee to distribute the funds. Ted Zuk stated that Oregon legislature has gotten hung up on verbiage of what is a structure, and what is the WUIC.

7. Old business- Director at large positions, appointment of Karen Courtney from Montana and Bret Caulder from Idaho. We welcomed Brett who gave us an introduction to his background. He was a CBO on the East Coast has worked in Texas, California and is now in Meridian, ID. Welcome Brett to Region 2! Call for committees due December 15th, President Andie Lorenz gave an overview of the vacancies and the need and asked everyone to look at those on our website for more information.

New business- Call for committees.

8. Regional Updates – Wyoming- WAPT- scholarship available for 3/1/2022, Montana- no update, Idaho- Cache Olson stated that IDABO conference for 1/24 through 1/28/2022 and they would sponsor a raffle of a pistol or a shotgun, Oregon- Southmayd home build is nearing completion and will try and find out if there are any more service days, Washington- WABO is actively preparing Group B code changes, Alaska- no update.

9. Comment for the good of the order.

10. Next meeting January 12th2022, 10:00 AM PST.

11. Adjournment. Motion required. M- Jack Applegate, S- Cache Olson, approved. 10:51 PST.

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