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ICC Region II - Teleconference

January 8, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Immediate Past President: Jack E Applegate, Oregon (541) 484-9080

President: Mark Panilo, Alaska (907)267-4975

Vice-President: Russell Murphy, Montana (406)853-5084

Treasurer: Cody Gunn, Montana (406)698-3936

Secretary: Stephanie Jacobson, Oregon (503) 742-4473

Meeting called to order by President Mark Panilo at 10:03 a.m. Pacific Standard Time

Attending on the call:


Representing or Calling From:

Mark Panilo Region II President (AK)

Russell Murphy Region II Vice President (MT)

Cody Gunn Region II Treasurer (MT)

Stephanie Jacobson Region II Secretary (OR)

CJ Marincus Region II Director at Large (OR)

Sam Steele Region II Director at Large (WA)

Kraig Stevenson ICC Government Relations

Jim Brown ICC Board of Directors

Greg Wheeler ICC Board of Directors

Steve McDaniel ICC Board of Directors

Jim Sayers ICC Board of Directors

Bryan Smith WA

Teri Ottens Staff

John Darnell WA

Rick Benton MT

George Daily ID

Charlie Allen ID

Trace Justice WA

Dennis Hirsch MT

Call to order:

Presidents opening comments:

Previous and continuing business:

1. Approval of Minutes – Motion to approve Cody Gunn, Sam Steele – Second

2. Approval of Treasurers Report – Cody Gunn: December was not a big transaction month. Got the money in from the education event. The accounts are currently split up into 3 accounts. Military Families: $3,175.92 Safety2.R: $5828.06, and CHECKING: $8206.34. Net income for the year comes to $4781.49, may get an extra $3000 for the education event.

3. ICC Board Member Comments:

1. Greg Wheeler – The board accomplished so far: 1st international meeting with CrossQ which was extremely successful, World Bank, Ashrea, Caricomm was recently passed, they approved a budget for $119 million, they signed the CEO to a new 4 year contract, and they opened the first international office in Dubai. February 10th will be the grand opening.

2. Jim Sayers – Board committees are starting to meet and get started on activities for the year, Jim is going to be on the audit committee, and they are having their first meeting in 2 days. Busy time of year due to chapter officer installations. Jim has made 2 trips to Sacramento area in the last month, will be in Central Oregon tomorrow, and next week at IDABO for officer installations.

3. Jim Brown – Montana event the week of March 16thin Helena, past president Bill Bryant will be joining. Cross Q – World Bank Thomas Mueller: “ICC unlike any other code developing organization I have encountered in my work across 25 countries. The scope and scale of the organization, the involvement of the private sector in the code development process, and the training tools for compliance offered through the code councils family of solutions is truly unique in enabling jurisdictions to achieve the last mile in applying the theory of building code to the practice of construction.”

4. Steve McDaniel – January 6th launched new annual report application, to submit annual reports. Test it out and let us know how it works.

4. State/Regional/Local Chapter Comments:

1. CJ Marincus – 2-day commercial plan review class has been rescheduled for May 4th-5th.

2. Jim Brown – Wyoming WCBO will have no spring meeting. November 2020 will be the next meeting, everything else will be held via teleconference.

3. Dennis Hirsch: VP resigned, Jessica Iverson.

4. Charlie Allen – IDABO education institute January 27th-31stin Nampa ID, and you can find the information on our website.

5. Jim Sayers – OBOA winter QBM January 17th in Salem. Info is on the OBOA website.

6. Mark Panilo – Alaska Central Chapter annual business meeting in December, immediate past president Jack Applegate was in attendance to address the membership and swear in Mark as the new Region II president. Chapter membership was extremely ecstatic with what has been done in Region II in the past couple of years. Will be having a class taught by Mark Schwan regarding mold in the built environment. Several of the companies that attended now want 1 on 1 training.

5. ICC Staff Comments:

1. Kraig Stevenson – Idaho Building Officials January 27th-31st. February Alaska State Fire marshal the 25th fire and building official forum, Montana educational institute 16th-19th. Tomorrow is Montana Chapter conference call. “Family of solutions” means ICC has diversified further, recognizing local and state agencies have more needs than just codes and code trainings, and certifications of products. Two of the newest subsidiaries, NTA and General Code. General Code will be assisting Kraig at the expo at Idaho Building Officials on the 28thand 29th. NTA is a recent acquisition, they fill out several services that have been provided through product certification through ICC ES, and they are accredited to do so. They provide 3rd party plan review, inspection services, and still learning more about their offerings. It’s never too early to start thinking about Building Safety Proclamations.

New Business:

1. Mark Panilo – Cooperative effort with R1 in Military Families. Educode 2020 in Las Vegas.

2. Sam Steele – Has been appointed to the Major Jurisdictions Committee.

3. Mark Panilo – Call to committees being sent out.

Open Discussion:

Adjournment: Motion to close Jim Brown, second Jim Sayers, meeting adjourned at 11:01 PST.

  1. X

Stephanie Jacobson

Region II Secretary

MEETING AGENDA FOR: February 12, 2020 Teleconference

The teleconference number is: 1-844-740-1264. Conference ID# 93613298. The call will commence at 11:00 am Mountain Time, 10:00 am Pacific Time, 9:00 am Alaska Time.

Please mute your telephone until you intend to speak. Also, please request to comment through the President and identify yourself before speaking.

Call to Order:


Presidents Opening Comments: Russell

Previous and Continuing Business:

1. Approval of Minutes

2. Treasurers Report- Cody

3. ICC Board Members Comments

4. State and Regional Chapter Comments

5. Partner Comments- ICC Staff

New Business:

Open Discussion:


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