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October Meeting Minutes

ICC Region 2 Meeting Minutes October 13, 2021

1. Presidents opening comments, “Back to Basics.”

a. Andie listed goals for R2- look at all committees and establish policies, operations, and funding sources NLT 1-1-2022.

b. Social media maintenance, screening content and website development.

c. R2 should develop “Code of honor” type scholarships for individuals to attend colleges that offer our career path classes.

2. Introduction of Region 2 Board, roll call. Jim Sayers. All officers present.

3. Acceptance of previous meeting minutes, September 19th, 2021. M-Cache Olson, S-Jack Applegate, Approved.

Treasurer’s report, Ted Zuk.


Challenge Coins $570.00

Membership Dues $600.00

Safety 2.R $500.00

Total Revenue $1670.00


Postage, accounting fees, supplies, bank charges $461.22

Net Income $1208.78

Checking Acct Balances:

Military Families $3175.92

Safety 2.R $6328.06

Regular Checking Acct $18,362.46


Motion to approve treasures report- M- Jim Sayers, S- Cache Olson, Approved.

5. Welcome to BOD, ICC Update, and comments - Jim Sayers, BOD meeting in Solvay, California, December 9-12.

6. Old business- a. Challenge coins, Russell Murphy, we have sold 150 so far and have more interest. Montana Chapter is giving each member who pays annual dues a coin. b. Marc Schoenberg Memorial, $75.00 Tunnel to Tower Donation, Sam Steele, awaiting the certificate to give to the family.

7. Regional Updates – Wyoming permit techs are holding annual meeting. Montana, no report. Idaho is having annual education on January 24-28, 2022. Oregon, Southern Oregon Chapter had meeting., Jack is doing outreach. Washington Trace Justice announced that WABO is having an in person Fall meeting in Lake Chelan. Alaska, no report.

8. ICC Liaison – ICC Update – Kraig Stevenson. Not present.

9. New business- Call for nominations of Director at Large positions. Nominations were called for. Breck Cook by Ted Zuk, Jason Bush by Andie Lorenz. Nominations are to stay open until next meeting to be voted on.

- Call for committees. tabled

- Reform, consolidate and prioritize committee functions. tabled

- Social media content approval process. tabled

- Website maintenance and content. tabled

- New video conferencing platform. tabled

- Scrub the rolls of chapter membership, contacts. tabled

10. Comment for the good of the order. We have 34-chapter members, some are unresponsive and have not paid dues. Further work needs to be done on cleaning up membership.

11. Next meeting, November 10th, 10:00 AMMST.

12. Adjournment. M-Jack Applegate S- Sam Steele Adjourned at 10:59 PDT.

Submitted by Sam Steele, secretary.

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