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September 2021 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

September 19th,2021

Pittsburgh, PA. ICC Annual ABM

Meeting opened at 2:00 PM EDT

In Attendance

Executive Board members; President Russell Murphy, Treasure Andie Lorenz, Secretary Cache Olson, Director Ted Zuk. Not in attendance, Director Sam Steele.

ICC Board Members; Jim Sayer, Jim Brown, David Spencer,

ICC Staff.

Alaska State Members.

Idaho State members. Charles Allen, John Lax

Oregon State members. Chris Corley, Jason Bush, Amy Lynn

Montana State Members.

Washington State members. Brian Smith, Tim Blevins, Trace Justice, Tim Woodard

Wyoming State members.

Region II did have a great turn out at the ABM, I was not able to put into the record all that did attend.

The President opening comments

Russell Murphy From the ABM in Pittsburgh; two members have won the safety 2.R scholarships that would be Chris Corley from Northwest Code Professionals and Jason E. Bush from Oregon and works for Harvey and Price. He asked for a moment of silence for our friend and board member Marc Schoenberg who’s recent passing away took us all by surprise. He presented the challenge coin for all to see, then let everyone know they were for sale at a price of $10.00 each.

Approval of minutes

The meeting minutes from the August 11th meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Treasure’s report.

Andie Lorenz:

Knows that there were no major purchases or expenditures, balance should remain the same. The military friends and families account balance of $3175.92, the Safety 2.R shadow program account balance of $5,828.06, and in our Checking account the balance of $8,473.93 for a total asset of $17,477.43. After the ABM will get an accurate accounting of all the expenses.

Treasures report unanimously approved as presented

Russel Murphy did present the results from the nomination committee presented the executive board as follows.

Andie Lorenz as President, Cache Olson as Vice President, Ted Zuk as Treasure, and Sam Steele as Secretary.

As motion was made to except the nomination and seconded, the motion passed unanimously. Russel then turned the time over to Andie Lorenz.

The executive board was shorn in by Jim Brown of the ICC board; Those present were Andie Lorenz, Ted Zuk and Cache Olson. Andie Lorenz received his President pins.

Jim Brown Presented Russell Murphy with an honor for his past service on the Region 2 board, he received pins as well as a token from ICC.

New President comments.

Andie started by saying Wow and thank you for this great opportunity, and I do know there are many goals I will wish to present in a future board meeting. He thanked everyone who has supported him through his service.

ICC Board Members report

Jim Brown: While here at the ABM please enjoy all the activities to include the opening reception, gala, and the educational opportunities here.

Jim Sayer: Looking forward to this year’s event, I am running for another term on the ICC board please remember me at when voting.

Dave Spencer: Did encourage us all to have a great time here at the ABM.

Jack Applegate and Benjamin Breadmore; Both expressed their interest in and their experience for the ICC board. Each took about 5 minutes.

Region Updates.

Committee reports:

New Business:

Good of the Order:

Old Business.


A motion was made to adjourn meeting, at 3:00 PM EDT

Respectfully submitted 10/11/2021

Cache W. Olson

Region II Secretary

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